Workshop on Challenges to Indian Education

IFIH conducted this workshop at Coimbatore, on 2 July 2003 in collaboration with the A.V.R. Educational Foundation of Ayurveda. Schoolteachers were invited to discuss the shortcomings of the school system, especially its failure to provide the student with a fulfilling education that can meet the challenges of modern times.

Thirty-three Matriculation schools from the Coimbatore region were represented by seventy-two teachers and principals. Ten moderated groups were formed to discuss both syllabus and pedagogy, and to formulate workable suggestions towards a new content and teaching environment.

At the end of the day, we had a coherent programme for a substantial reform of India’s system of school education. Click here for the full report located in our teachers’ corner.

A few articles appeared in the local press. The workshop’s report was sent to many educationists and officials in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere. The then director of NCERT, Dr. J. S. Rajput, acknowledged it and referred to the workshop in an article in the national press. However, implementation of the teachers’ suggestions, sensible and innovative, based on their decades-long experience, remains a long way off.

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