Parents' Views on School Education

On 22 December 2007, IFIH in association with Divyam Academy of Values organized at Coimbatore a workshop to which parents were invited to express themselves in complete freedom on the quality of education at school.

The workshop's objective, circulated in advance through posters, flyers, mailings and emails, was to ask parents for answers to the following questions that are increasingly being posed in India:


Should the purpose of school education be simply to pass exams?


Are our children encouraged to think and understand, or are they just asked to passively memorize masses of data?


Are their talents and potentialities nurtured and stimulated to the full?


Do they find at school an atmosphere that encourages their personalities to blossom?


Are our children generally happy and satisfied with their schooling?

After a brief introduction, parents were invited to come to the dais one by one. Strong statements, positive and workable solutions, and lively discussions ensued.

Click here for a detailed report of the parents' views and suggestions.

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