Let Not the 19th-Century Paradigms Continue to Haunt Us

by Prof. B. B. Lal,
Director General (Retd.),
Archaeological Survey of India


This paper is Prof. Lal’s inaugural address at the 19th International Conference on South Asian Archaeology, held at University of Bologna, Ravenna (Italy) on July 2-6, 2007.

This lecture offers a study of the Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex (BMAC) and its relationship with the Indus-Sarasvati civilization. In particular, Prof. Lal refutes the Aryan invasion theory and its new version which claims that the BMAC was the source of this invasion.

An HTML version of this lecture, without diacritics, is available on another website.

Here we present the lecture with diacritics in pdf format (820 kB).
Click here to download it.

(Both versions of the lecture were prepared by Michel Danino with Prof. B. B. Lal’s permission.)



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