A non-religious, non-ideological, apolitical body, IFIH is a network of scholars, educationists, artists, scientists, social workers, environmentalists, thinkers and writers, who have come together to promote India’s cultural heritage. We assert every Indian’s birthright to have free access to that heritage — a freedom that India’s alienating educational system today largely denies.

IFIH follows a well-defined Charter. We wish to reach out to Indians and non-Indians who are concerned with growing rootlessness and deculturization, and have understood the futility of expecting positive changes in human nature without nurturing deeper values that have stood the test of time.


IFIH has been active in the cultural and educational fields. Check out:


our online resources


our series of seminars and workshops (see under The Road So Far);


our Survey of 11,000 Indian students on the quality of school education and its cultural content, with surprising conclusions


IFIH is about to launch the preparation of quality learning and teaching material on the achievements of Indian civilization in various fields. The first product is expected to be a series of multimedia CDs; the ultimate product will be a full-fledged online course on India’s heritage.

Help this experiment by offering your suggestions or time, by becoming a Life Member, or supporting IFIH’s major project of educational CDs.

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