The Indian educational system is such that students come out of it largely or wholly ignorant of India's cultural heritage. Much less do they acquire an intelligent grasp of the achievements of Indian civilization and its contributions to world culture: all knowledge is presented to them as coming from the West. The rare schools or colleges that try to compensate for this void find that quality material for learning and / or teaching is scarce, of limited scope, or defective.

This project aims at creating a series of authentic multimedia educational CDs, with an initial focus on the most material - and therefore the most impressive - aspects of India's heritage. Based on non-controversial and up-to-date material from archaeology, epigraphy, history (including the history of science), literature, and tradition, the CDs will offer a new perspective and concrete understanding of Indian civilization.

A legitimate pride in being part of that civilization will follow as a natural consequence. However, the common pitfall of excessive or fanciful claims and hollow glorification of India's past will be scrupulously avoided.

Designed as a serious yet entertaining teaching and learning centre, the series would target not only students, but also teachers, parents, and cultural or educational institutions - in India as well as abroad, especially among NRI communities. This project therefore aims at long-term and far-reaching impact.

It will be coordinated by Michel Danino, IFIH's convener, and will make full use of IFIH's network of thinkers and scholars.

If you wish to support this important project, please go through the next pages and contact us.
You can help by:


supplying expertise or material (text, photos, videos ...);


helping in research if you live near a well-stocked library;


sending suggestions for fund-raising;


contributing financially (we can email a budget proposal on request).

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