Themes covered

We have planned two phases of 9 CDs each, one CD per theme. The order of execution is flexible and will depend on the availability and pace of the various contributors to the series.

Phase I


1. Science & technology in ancient and pre-colonial India


2. India's contributions to world civilization, from ancient to present times, with a special section on India's presence in South-East Asia and the Far-East;


3. India's systems of medicine and local health traditions, with emphasis on Ayurveda;


4. India's ecological heritage: concepts and practices; texts, folk and tribal traditions;


5. India's traditional knowledge systems, with emphasis on agriculture and metallurgy;


6. India's early developments in governance, economics, social structures, and education, with special sections on woman and child;


7. Archaeological heritage: change and continuity in early India, starting from the Indus civilization;


8. Indian architecture, sculpture and Vastu, with a special section on the Hindu temple, its architectural and mythological concepts and execution;


9. Temple art in South India, principles, styles, and significance.


Phase II


1. Indian painting;


2. Indian music;


3. Indian dance;


4. Indian literature;


5. Pilgrimages and rituals;


6. India's tribal heritage;


7. Mythological and folk stories;


8. Indian systems of philosophy and pursuit of knowledge;


9. Yoga and self-realization.


These 18 CDs would amount to a mini-encyclopaedia together with an integrated course on Indian heritage.

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