Final Products

The series of interactive multimedia CDs - one per theme - will be the first product.

We also envisage small, well-produced popular reference books on each theme, sold together with the CDs or separately. Both CDs and books should generate substantial income if properly distributed, for which a partnership with publishing firms in India and / or the USA would be sought.

Once a few CDs are ready, IFIH will encourage and assist some schools and colleges in India to use the CDs for teacher training. As the series grows, IFIH can conduct workshops with school and college managements in order to promote the CDs.

The same material could also be used in other educational media, such as exhibitions. Ultimately, the CD series could be turned into a paying online course on Indian heritage, at the end of which IFIH would issue a certificate. (Official recognition for the certificate would be sought from the government of India.)

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